Wednesday, December 5, 2007

100 Things, Part III

1. I’d torture spammers and hackers by making them sit in a darkened room and watch games of Pong for hours on end.

2. I’ve always wanted to make out with a guy who has long hair. Oh wait, I just remembered, I have done that... many moons ago...

3. I dream about my high school boyfriend far too often.

4. The women at my last job inspired me more than anyone I’ve ever worked with because they showed me that it is possible to be professional, strong, compassionate all at the same time.

5. I cannot remember dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), and if you receive acknowledgment of your special day from me, it’s only because of Google Calendar.

6. I have six e-mail accounts, five active blogs, two networking profiles, and one super-secret forum, so I’d probably die if I couldn’t be online.

7. I can’t remember life and socialization before the Internet.

8. I consider my online friends “real” friends, especially my super-secret forum friends.

9. All that being said, I’m so glad the Internet wasn’t around (except for the extreme geeky) when I was in high school.

10. My thoughts are so sporadic, it’s not unusual for me to lose people in conversation.

11. I like Hot Pockets.

12. My short-term memory is getting worse, and it bothers me.

13. I listen to Coast to Coast AM everyday via podcast, and I tend believe much of what I hear on there.

14. I had a crush on Richie Rich (yes, the cartoon) when I was 5 and even wrote a song about it.

15. I like gross meats made various animal byproducts. And after they’re done and they scrape the bottom of the vat to make potted meat, I like that too.

16. I’ll pretty much try any kind of food placed in front of me as long as it’s cooked well-done.

17. I have no preference between OU and OSU, but Stillwater seems more like my kind of town.

18. I have a secret wish for my daughter to go to school at Cornell.

19. I’m the most indecisive person I know and even little decisions freak me out, especially if there’s a time limit to making them.

20. I believe I could have been more intelligent if I’d had more opportunities growing up.

21. Basketball is my favorite sport to watch in person.

22. I was a cheerleader, though not a very good one, but I loved every minute of it.

23. My eyes change color, and when I cry, they’re the most brilliant aquamarine that I wish were my permanent eye color.

24. I didn’t understand the true joy of having girlfriends until I was 26.

25. In high school, I really wanted to be a football homecoming candidate but pretended I didn’t care when I didn’t get it.


Charly said...

After the comment about the meat, I now want to be a vegetarian. Thanks. :)

Phil said...

Re: #2 I haven't really given that one much thought, but when I went Rasta for Halloween this year, I made sure I kissed my honey in costume. Grin!

The Black Hornet said...

Intelligence isn't a function of how you grew up. It's all genetic.